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Writing from Experience with Terrie Rintoul

Dear Terri,
Thank you so much for your inspiring course.

You have imparted some valuable insights about writing which has helped me to develop new ways of looking at, and thinking about writing.

I have really enjoyed the sessions and the assignments.

Please let me know about any others you put on.

Yours, Cheryl

Terrie took the fear out of writing for me. I was shown that writing was a realistic goal to achieve.
Rohini A.

Terrie gave me positive encouragement and helped me develop a personal style. She broadened my creative thinking.
Christina F.

Terrie imparts the subject with such knowledge and enthusiasm. Thank you.
John B.

JumpStart Your Writing with Jacq Molloy

I liked the way the course was structured and how it gave us the opportunity to share work and learn from each other.
Sally H.

Jacq gave me excellent feedback on my writing and I enjoyed focusing on different writing techniques.
S Brown.

Improve Your Writing with Jacq Molloy

Jacq encouraged us to share our writing with others and gave us great tips on how to improve our writing skills.
S Mcreedy.